Time for a reboot

I used to blog (now over a year ago) at a fairly decent rate until a new job and life challenges seemed to manifest at an amazing rate. Each time I felt I would get a break from work or my life would return to “normal” another curve ball would be thrown my way causing me to take a million steps back instead of going forward.

This roller coaster of a year (or two when I really think about it) has caused me to reevaluate what I want to put on here and if I am being completely honest with myself I am in some ways very different than I was a year ago.

This being said I will continue to write about my crafting projects, my undeniable frustration with graduate school, the challenges of my unique job, the good times with family and friends (including my obsession with hockey) and finally the big elephant that has loomed over me for sometime now and what I am going to do about it.

Now onto my title of: Reboot

While the term “reboot” is really used for describing a computer – I can’t help but think of it when describing my blog and my life at the moment.  In some ways I am restarting; how I think, how I feel and its affect on me and my daily life.  I keep telling myself that when I “reboot” my computer sometimes it actually fixes things – it allows the computer to “make sense” or “put things right if you will.  The last year or so has caused me to evaluate my life so far and in many ways I have made changes for the better.  In other areas I am holding out hope things will sort themselves out even if I can’t control them.

This is my new blog – get ready for an interesting ride.

Our Crazy Life

Our Crazy Life