Where do we go from here?

After struggling with essentially “Unexplained Infertility” for the past three years – you could say I/we are tired. At this moment on the medical side we are somewhat in a state of limbo if you will. After the lack of finding endometriosis in my system our doctor has told us to come back in July. To take a break or at least a break from medicine. At this point some days I just feel “done” with the whole medical side. While there are many couples/families who have done more, spent much more – there is something to be said about not visiting the doctor on a monthly sometimes weekly or even daily basis.

As of this moment in terms of medical assistance in having a family – our intent is return in July, meet with the doctor and discuss options.  I recently visited with my regular doctor who agrees that there is no medical reason that she can find as to why we have been really unable to have children naturally.  With all of this in mind – we have no interest in pursuing aggressive treatments such Invitro. At this point in our lives we are choosing not to spend that amount of money and put it toward other ways of building our family.

So what is next?

After thought, prayer and research (of course I am the planner after all) we came to the conclusion that adoption would be the way to grow our family. We have always wanted to adopt – we just had planned that it would happen in a different order. At one time we had even decided to adopt internationally versus domestically. As we all know things change – in our case our plan has changed.

Our process to adopt started back in December.  We attempted to apply to an agency in the DFW area.  After filing out a “pre-application” we found out for some reason we did not match with that agency.  (They basically sent us a form letter saying we would not be a match for their families with out much explanation.)

Discouraged but not wanting to stop we continued to research determining that that particular agency obviously would not be a good match for us after all and that may be this was the way it was “supposed to be” and that we needed to work with another group.  And we found one with years of experience, mission focused, and focused on all aspects of adoption.  We are so excited to be working with Christian Homes of Abilene, TX.

We are fortunate to have a found a group of people who want the best for all parties involved in the adoption process.  We are also fortunate to know that this agency has been working with families for well over 50 years, are committed to bringing Christ to those in need, and we realized we knew people who have either worked with this agency and/or are committed to their work in one way or another (small world!).

We went to an orientation in February and are nearly completed with all of the paperwork.  We hope to have our homestudy and interview completed – ideally within the next month.

Then . . . . we wait.   =)


  1. Elissa says:

    My marriage/relationship with Billy suffered as a result of “unexplained infertility.” I totally agree how hard it is to see all my friends expanding their families. I have no relationship now and kind of don’t expect to. However, being Auntie Elissa to all my friends babies has to be enough for now. Hang in there friend!

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