My Top 10 of May

To change things up a bit – because after all this blog is about my/our life I decided to share 10 random things I have learned/enjoyed this month! (Not to mention making a list makes it easy to be random!)

Get ready for some pics and memes just for fun!  These are listed in no particular order – they are all great to me:



1.  We went to see Gavin Degraw earlier this month and ever since I have been on a borderline obsessive kick to play his music at least once everyday.  Though I bet some of my colleagues at work are glad they don’t have to work as long as I do because all I have played all week in my office is Gavin Degraw!



2.  As much as I can get irritated by cleaning there is something that makes me so happy to have a clean house.  Our house is clean generally speaking but we have had people over the last week so extra care has been taken to make sure unnecessary clutter is put away and I love it!!!!



(While I don’t sit around with an adult beverage in hand and certainly not that ridiculous hat during the summer months, this meme was cracking me up!  Yes, in this house Game of Thrones is watched so this is just too funny.)

3.  The end of May signals the end school and the almost end of my work for the school year!  Just a few more days!



4.  This May we have been blessed with quiet weather in comparison to some years and (knock on wood) hope it stays that way.



(I honestly cannot remember where I found this so if you find the site let me know so I can properly cite it.)

5. I am so lucky to have great and supportive friends. Since “relaunching” this blog and beginning to share my (our) story and our plans for the future I have received love and support. For this I am so grateful. This week alone I have had three friends help me at work. One was my “little brother” who came and helped fix a table and take down bulletin boards. My “big brother” helped me sort out what I needed to do for our background check stuff for our adoption agency. Finally, my best friend brought me lunch and helped me move stuff. I am blessed!


(I cannot remember where I found this if you know the source let me know!)

6. We have been able to see and spend time with family we normally don’t get to see this month. First we spent time with our funny and caring cousins – went to the movies, went to church and spent time talking. It was nice to “get away” even if it was only the weekend and we were only an hour and a half away. Then we spent time with my grandparents in law (or in love as Grandma would say). We don’t get to see them often so it is always fun to see them and spend time with them.



7. Finding good deals! I love shopping (and always have) but I can’t help but be happy when I find something new – especially for a good price. I found a new brand of popcorn at Target and it is yummy and low fat! We also went to buy shoes the other day and we ended up with four pairs of shoes for a total of $60. That’s a good deal to me! Apparently my patience and waiting for a sale paid off this time!



8. Two words: Tiger Woods. No I didn’t see the real Tiger but apparently people at the city zoo think my brother in law is him or at least a total look alike. Admittedly this probably isn’t as funny unless you were there but I called him Tiger for well over a week and am still totally amused by it.


9. I learned this month that the Stanley Cup playoffs are RARELY on regular NBC and not on Game Center so I have been going through massive withdrawals without cable (honestly this is pretty much the only thing I miss about cable).



10.  I cannot be more happy that it is now June and I survived May and the summer has lots of things to look forward to!


  1. Paula says:

    Good reflections. You were missing the best, time spent with your mother and mother in law. Should never forget those.

  2. Drue Wright says:

    And your grandparents-in-love sure did enjoy being with you two! Now it’s your turn to come to see us!

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