Moving right along

Exciting things are happening at our house!

So let’s do a recap . . .

Monday – Part of the requirements of adoptions is to have a state and federal background check.  I found out that despite that I had to get fingerprinted (and consequently a background check) to work at school that apparently I have worked at a school too long so I got to get my fingerprints done again.  This time I got it done old school not electronically.  Needless to say between myself and the lady (who by the way was cracking me up) we had to redo my finger prints like three times.  It was ok though since there was a few times where we both were laughing too much at me being silly.  The staff at the place I had to get these completed were absolutely precious and sweet – too bad the couldn’t run my back ground check too that would have made my life so much easier!  One of the ladies even called me bubbly to which I replied “I am just behaving.”  They thought that was funnier.  Though it was funnier when I couldn’t get out of the door to get back to my car.  Apparently pushing a button and a door at the same time was a little too much for me Monday.

I kept going with wrapping up some of our paperwork.  You would think typing up a simply autobiography would be easy enough right?  HAHAHAHA  It took me over an hour to type three pages and answer 8 of 19 questions.  Sadly enough those question were not even really that hard looking back. . .

Tuesday – During the day I “think” I got all these fingerprinting things sorted out.  Here in Oklahoma it isn’t very clear on what you need to do or who you go through when utilizing private (or in our case agency) but I decide Tuesday I am going to go to OSBI myself and then send my stuff to the FBI so our agency doesn’t have to do it.  (Keep in mind our agency is licensed here but they don’t do a ton of adoptions here so when things change they may not always know it.)  J gets his fingerprints completed.

Wednesday – I get up and get dressed ready to go to OSBI and all the while I keep thinking and the whole process is seriously bugging me.  It really should not be this hard.  I get all the way to OSBI’s parking lot and do a little google research and decide that no I am going to make some more calls.  Next, I spend some time on the phone dealing with DHS and all these finger printing issues finding out that they actually run everything (too bad their website is not exactly clear on that).  I have their people fax me the forms.  We fill them out that night after church.

Thursday – During the day I send copies of all of the DHS forms to our social worker to have on file (hopefully another family in our state won’t have to go through what I/we did)! We both work more on our last few forms for the agency.  The whole autobiography thing was taking forever!  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind talking about my life but putting it in a way that also goes with what the agency wants is trickier than I thought.  I work on mine until midnight and decided I would review it one more time in the morning.

Friday – My sister reviews my autobiography and makes corrections and I double check it for the last time.  I finally adjust the formatting and send it to J.   By 4 he emails our files to the agency.  Unfortunately our social worker is already gone for the day (and won’t be back for another week).  I won’t lie that I am little bummed we didn’t get it in earlier, however, it looks like the paperwork part is finished.  Some of the other staff at the agency will look it over and make sure we turned everything in and send us back our check list.  Then we can send in our fees and hopefully a week from Monday we can schedule a time to go down there before the end of the month!  As far as I am concerned we are finished with paperwork!!!!!!!  Yippee!!!

One step closer!

I am prayerful that we will be on their list of waiting families the first week of July.  Until then I will just have to keep myself busy with our projects around the house and try to enjoy my summer.


  1. Mom says:

    So excited. I pray and pray that everything will come together very soon. Looking forward to hearing more in the next couple weeks.

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