Summertime fun

There is so much going on here in our neck of the woods!

We are moving forward with our home study and will have our first interview in a week!  (As I told my friends this is getting real.  You work on paperwork for what seems like forever to even get to the home study and you think it may never come. After we finish the two home study portions, our background checks come back and the agency approves us – we will be presented to families.  The thought is exciting and humbling at the same time!)

In other news  . . . .

I have some trips coming up and will be trying to post a blog post (or two) about those!

And . . .

I have been featured on Lisa’s blog, Amateur Nester, about my struggle with infertility and what the future hold for us.

Lisa is such a wonderful resource and inspiration for women in her personal journey.

Check out my interview:


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