How to eat an elephant

Haha.  As if I would really eat an elephant!  I am not really sure you can eat elephant and to be honest I really wouldn’t want to eat one anyway if you can.

While not intentionally, I didn’t blog for the last few days because it has been THAT busy and for a few days there really wasn’t much to write about – on the adoption side of things anyway.

So I guess I can recap and then we will get back to that elephant business.   =)

Nearly two weeks ago I got to Orlando with some work colleagues.  It was fun and I learned A LOT (I am still trying to determine what is going to work for this year for me – it was a lot to process).  I also learned that lack of sleep and a ton of walking will make you exhausted when you come home!  During my 4 days/nights in Orlando it was non-stop learning during our 8 to 5 days (and one went until 8:30) then we would quickly change into non-work clothes and hop on the nearest mode of transportation to take in the sights. I never realized at the time how much I was trying to do in such a short amount of time on top of trying to learn/process so many new ideas.

I was grateful to get to go and learn on this trip but I told my boss on the way home that I didn’t need to fly for awhile (turbulence was a little much for me on the way home) – I would drive if I were to go to a conference again.

Last Wednesday when I got home we celebrated my dad’s birthday (quickly because my flight was an hour and a half late).  The following morning (Thursday) I got up and went with my best friend to my university to present my first three chapters of my dissertation to my dissertation committee.

Long story short – my study was approved! I can start my study but I have TON of work to do before my actual study begins . . . . and my corrections are due within a month’s time.

That evening we left to go to Abilene (yes we are still talking about last Thursday – the same day)!  The following morning would be our office visit (more on that later)!

So that brings me back to my original statement:

Q:   How do you eat an elephant?

A:   One bite at a time.

How do you eat an elephant


I use this phrase/question because that is how I am feeling at the moment (as if I am expected eat a huge elephant for dinner and I have no clue where to start).  I sat in my home office the other night trying to figure out where to start on all of it (cleaning my office, preparing the house for my standards for our home study, my dissertation, work stuff I need to work on, etc. ) and I ended up doing nothing.  I was a little overwhelmed to be honest.  As much as I am excited about various things moving forward it all seems to be happening at once.  Not to mention, I am perfectionist so I of course want things to be a certain way. So here I am – I am trying to digest everything I learned at the conference, I am trying to figure out just where to start on fixing my dissertation (in a short amount of time) and on top of that fixing things for our home study visit up here in two weeks.

It seems like quite a bit to take in so I have kind of done very little in all departments – other than thinking or planning.  So tomorrow it begins – no time for excuses.  (We are going to eat this metaphorical elephant one bite at a time!) So first things first we start working on offices and the yard with the hopes we will make a dent by this weekend! (Either way I think making that slow but steady progress will bring me peace and make me feel good not only for our visit but the rest of the summer!)

Here’s to moving forward and having progress!

More on our office visit in my next post!  =)


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