Office Visit

Friday, June 27th we had the first part of our home study – our office visit.

The office visit could take as long or as short as we needed it.  Our social worker did not have any other appointments before or after us.  (That was probably a good thing too since it ended up taking 6 hours!)

I know right? 6 hours!  That seems like a long time and in some ways it was.  But it wasn’t because we were being asked crazy or intense questions it was because we were just talking that much.  Our social worker is so nice and so it was not unusual for us to talk or get sidetracked.  I think that was a good thing because it allowed us all to get to know each other in addition to the questions that were asked.

We started out answering questions together and then we each did an individual interview.

The questions themselves were not difficult.  In reality there were nearly identical to the questions we filled out on our HUGE application.

She asked questions about how we met, how long did we date, how long we have been married, what brought us to the decision to adopt, etc.  She also asked questions about our infertility, about how we saw our life with an adopted child, how we saw our relationship with the birthmother/parents, our plans for our child(ren) and their future.  She asked us about how we saw our spouse, their qualities, strengths and weaknesses.  In some ways if you think you might be asked that question before becoming parents it was probably asked.

It was interesting.  I wasn’t too nervous because I have done my research on these questions and these were already questions I had answered on our paperwork.  There were times it took me a few seconds to answer because you just aren’t asked those questions everyday.  For example she asked me to describe my husband and I was like well . . .  LOL  I have no idea why I kind of sat there but once I started listing off his qualities it didn’t take long for me talk on and on.

The other interesting thing was my husband talked A BUNCH!  Normally I am the “chatty” one but not this time!  I of course gave him a hard time about it in the car later.  In addition to us both being chatty we realized we knew each other even better than we thought.  Going over our individual interviews later on the way to a late lunch we laughed because we realized our answers to some of the questions were almost identical.  Apparently we have been around each other for awhile now!  =)

So what comes next?

Our social worker is scheduled to come next Tuesday to finish our interview and see where we live.  While our house doesn’t have to be spotless I have been on a mission (a tiring one no doubt) to get my inside projects finished.  I have reorganized the kitchen, nearly finished with the guest bathroom, my office is nearly cleaned out, the kitchen is nearly painted (except for behind the fridge) and I have a dresser project I am working on that should be finished this weekend (more on that later).  Our house won’t be spotless (because I am convinced that may never really happen with two dogs, one who sheds a bunch it seems – LOL) but it will be clean, homey and comfortable as always.  Not to mention my summer projects will be finished – so two things down for the price of one!

My summer is quickly coming to a close!  Where has the time gone?


  1. Becky Spears says:

    My husband and I went through this 25 years ago. We have been blessed with an awesome daughter and now a wonderful grandson. Good luck to you, it is worth every bit of effort you are now going through.
    I will be praying for you!!

  2. Drue Wright says:

    So happy to hear this went well. I love being involved on it through the blog. Love you two,

  3. Mom says:

    You will provide a great home. Becky, I did not know Anna was adopted. Mandi still talks about tutoring Anna. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Becky Spears says:

    Yes, we are Anna’s adoptive parents. We went through a private attorney. If I can be of any help let me know. The wait can be frustrating, but so worth it!

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