Well today was our homestudy.  Given to my true moments of OCD I cleaned like a crazy person and have been working for well over a week to make the house look “wonderful” in my eyes.  I steam cleaned carpets, dusted (noticed places I missed later of course), I took care of laundry, vacuumed and washed rugs (later realizing I forgot to look over the couches and the dogs managed to drag grass in), painted the kitchen (that was three months in the making) – in other words I took the opportunity to get some projects I had wanted to do accomplished.

The home visit in itself was easy.  The questions were a continuation of what we had already answered on our paperwork and this time they did not take nearly as long.  Our social worker toured our house, saw the backyard, and met the dogs.  The visit lasted maybe 2 and half to nearly 3 hours which was the time our social worker planned.

To be honest I wasn’t that nervous. (I was more anxious about sweeping the floor before she got here.)  As soon as she got here I immediately relaxed and we just chatted as if no time had past.  All the hard work (and obsession) to make the house perfect was not necessary (I/We honestly probably could have done less) because the tour probably lasted less than 10 minutes including hanging out in the backyard.  While it probably wasn’t necessary to be so detailed and insistent on being so cleaned/organized it really made me feel better.  I love it when I have the time to really deep clean and organize.  Now I can tell you at least 5 other things that need to be cleaned/fixed in the house but between the two of us we managed to tackle some “big” things (like attempting to reorganize the garage and bless my bestie for helping me paint the kitchen) I feel so much better.  I might even be able to relax before going back to work!

So where does that leave us at this point?

Well, our social worker told us that she has already started the file on our homestudy and it should be finished within a few days.  Our birthmother letter is nearly finished and will be sent in soon and I think I am nearly finished with our photo book.  (If I will just make up my mind on pictures!  LOL)

I would like to say that is our only hold up but it isn’t.  We turned in our fingerprints for our federal and state background checks at the beginning of June.  I would have thought that it would be relatively simple but apparently not.  At this point those checks are taking 10-12 weeks.  (ACK!!!!!!)  I had contacted DHS to find out the status of our paperwork and the lady called me back and left me a message.  When I heard the return time is 10-12 weeks I nearly cried.  That puts our approval at the end of August quite possibly the beginning of September.  (I was so frustrated I text a friend who is a police officer asking why on earth it would take so long and he thinks it due to the fact so many new teachers need those background checks and there are lots of conceal/carry background checks going through.I will go with reasoning at the moment.) While I knew that we would obviously have to wait to be matched I really didn’t think that this would be a hold up to be approved (and this is our last piece)!!!

I am trying to look on the bright side.  Sure it will give us a little more time to continue to save money and as my dear friend pointed out that it will give me more time to work on my office/one day baby room but I would be lying if I didn’t say I disappointed in having to wait essentially another month when we are ready to move forward in the process.

But it is what is so here we are  . . . waiting.

I wanted to to thank everyone for the prayers and kind words, it really means at lot to me!  And please feel free to share our facebook page to people you think that might be interested in our journey/experience.


  1. Drue Wright says:

    I can just picture you rushing around to make everything. I do the same thing. When everyone is coming here for our 4 year Christmas I clean and clean. Then when all begin to arrive no one can tell it and no one cares.

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