No news is . . . well . . . no news

In the last few days I have gotten a few questions about any advances or changes in our journey.  In response to that I can only reply “nothing is different”.

We are still on the list to be shown to prospective mothers/couples.  Basically when a couple or mother inquires about possible adoptive parents we will be shown to most if not all.  Then when someone picks us we will be notified.  This could happen at any time or could take a while.

So in the meantime . . .

I have been working on projects for the room (and when the weather cooperates I will be able to finish painting stuff without waiting forever for things to dry) so as soon as those are finished you will be able to see the finished products!  (I currently have a love/hate relationship with spray paint but more on that later.)

And I am trying to get a head start on Christmas (the nephews already have their gifts purchased) so I have been making plans for crafting and trying to shop local boutiques to look for unique and different gifts.

I thought I would close this simple post with a few pages from our photo book  – ignore my attempts to put a watermark on after the fact on our pictures.  Our actual book is 16 pages (8 front to back) and much more detailed.

Slide07 Slide09 Slide12 Slide15

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