Elle is the nickname I gave myself (and was agreed upon by my sorority sisters) over ten years ago.  At the time it resonated with my girly personality and hilarious moments where I would seem to channel the character Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.  The nickname has stuck ever since.

I am a graduate student who loves her family, her friends and the sport of hockey. I have been with my husband nearly nine years and have been married for seven. I am a “dog mom” to two obnoxious schnauzers who would stay in all day long if they could. I am the aunt to seven nephews and one niece – and they all live within driving distance so I see them often! I love to make things, sew, crochet, read, shop and sing (in the car when I am by myself of course!).

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  1. Aunt Claudia says:

    You are on my heart and I am in fervent prayer for you to do great things with what God has planned for you 🙂 Love you!

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Our Crazy Life

Our Crazy Life